Admit it, you have questions. We’re here to tell you – and show you – that there are several benefits to laser hair removal for the face, and they’re not only related to hair removal, (although that’s definitely the most significant advantage!) Watch as our friendly nurse/technician gently gets rid of unwanted hair along the cheeks. You can also have your chin, jaw, and upper lip done. As a result, you won’t have to shave, wax, sugar, or pluck again. What you may not realize is that semi permanent facial laser hair removal can also help with acne issues and enlarged pores. In eliminating facial hair that bothers you, SEV Laser can improve the overall appearance and condition of your skin, too. Who knew?


The Pore Connection

Women and men alike come to SEV Laser for laser hair removal on their faces. We want to take the guesswork out of semi permanent facial hair removal on the face, so we’ve provided videos of actual in-office visits, so you can see, and understand, our process! In addition to killing hair, your pores may shrink and appear smaller, as well. The more you repeat the process, the better and more long-lasting the results are.

That goes for hair removal, as well. No matter what area you want to target, whether it’s your upper lip, or your chin, your nurse/technician can get in close and eradicate the hair. Forget about messy bleaching, painful waxing, and irritating shaving methods.

Head to SEV Laser to talk about your options for laser hair removal on faces and necks.Watch our video!