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At SEV we offer everything you need for soft, smooth, and more youthful skin:

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Skin Tightening
  • Dermal Fillers / Injectables
  • BOTOX Treatments

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Results are unique to each individual. Typically 6-12 treatments are recommended, but it may be more or less.

It is much more comfortable than waxing. Many describe the sensation of the laser pulses as tiny little rubber band snaps. Most clients report they were much more worried before they actually had the treatment. It is more than tolerable for most! We have an amazing cooling device that connects to our laser to keep your skin nice and cool while being treated, so you don’t have to feel the full intensity of heat.

Yes! We have both a YAG and an ALEX, which is safe for all skin types.

Hair grows in cycles, typically every 4-6 weeks depending on the part of the body, however, this will vary with each individual.

Candela GentleMax Pro.
The only time we require you to shave is 24-48 hours before your appointment. We ask that you wait 10 days after your treatment before shaving.


Yes, but it is minimal. All filler injections contain Lidocaine, which is a numbing medication. Initially you will feel a small poke, then the Lidocaine in the Juvederm starts numbing the areas to minimize any discomfort.
Primarily Lips, Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines, Under the Eyes, Neck Folds, and Chin.
This depends on the desired result and your body’s response to the product.
Not necessarily, but bruising and swelling is common and temporary.
Yes, filler can be dissolved with a simple enzyme injection.
No Laser Hair Removal in the areas to be injected at least 2 weeks before and after.


Common areas for BOTOX use are between the brows, forehead and “crow’s feet”.
You will begin to see some change the next day with increased improvements for two weeks. The BOTOX effect peaks at 2 weeks. That effect will maintain for approximately 3 months. Then it starts to decline. In the 4th month, there is little to no effect.
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Drooping of brow and eyelid
  • Headaches
  • Temporary small bumps
  • Tenderness
  • Temporary Paralysis
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Allergic Reaction

If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

  • Bending forward or backwards
  • Lying down should be avoided for 4 hours after your treatment
  • No pressure, ice packs, or massaging the treated areas