Full Facial Laser Hair Removal


Full Facial Laser Hair Removal

Facial laser hair removal is a popular treatment for both men and women. It’s a safe and effective way of removing unwanted hair on your face.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of shaving every day. Perhaps you have a bit of peach fuzz that’s just a little darker than you want it to be. Whatever the case, the long-lasting results of laser might be exactly what you need!

A laser hair removal session doesn’t take any longer than a waxing appointment, it hurts less, and it gives long-term results. Wouldn’t you love to kiss waxing goodbye? If the answer is yes, here’s a little more info about facial laser hair removal at SEV Laser.


How Laser Hair Removal Works on the Face

Laser hair removal is very effective at reducing the growth of darker facial hair. It works by zapping the skin with a powerful ray of light. The light gets absorbed by the hair follicle, where it converts to heat. This concentrated ray stops the hair follicle’s ability to regrow.

The light from the laser is incredibly strong, and there is a risk it’ll damage the eyes. For that reason, we cannot treat the skin around the eyes safely with a laser, which is why we don’t offer eyebrow laser hair removal. During your appointment, we’ll have you wear protective goggles to keep you safe.

Each session slows down hair growth by about 20%, which is why a few treatments are needed. In most cases, our clients achieve the results they want after 6 to 12 sessions. That’s why when you purchase a 5-session series of laser hair removal treatments, we’ll give you the 6th one for free!

Before coming in for your first appointment, review our customer care suggestions to make sure your skin is ready for treatment.

In some cases, our clients do laser hair removal as a precursor to electrolysis. Laser hair removal effectively removes the majority of hair that grows on the face, and it’s a lot faster, more comfortable, and less expensive than electrolysis. Then, if there are still any persistent stragglers, those can be addressed with electrolysis, which is significantly more intense and time-consuming.


Before Treatment

For 4 weeks before your treatment, avoid any sun exposure or tanning, including self-tanner.


After Treatment

A bit of redness and irritation is normal after laser hair removal. To guarantee speedy, easy recovery, make sure to follow these aftercare practices.


Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

The upper lip is by far the most common area we treat on the face. We target the entire area of skin between the nose and the lower lip, as well as within the border of the nasolabial folds.


Chin Laser Hair Removal

Chin laser hair removal is also quite common, especially for women dealing with hormonal changes. Men sometimes combine chin, upper lip, and laser hair removal in order to avoid the need to shave.


Ears Laser Hair Removal

Often, with age, the ears start to sprout some surprisingly dark hairs. Treating the ears is a very quick and easy process that’ll help you feel a little more put together.


Jawline Laser Hair Removal

As part of facial laser hair removal, we also treat the jawline. We can address any hair growth along the jaw, or focus on creating a defined facial hair outline.


Cheeks Laser Hair Removal

Whether you’d like all hair removed from your cheeks and sideburns or you just want us to focus on the upper part of the cheeks, we’re happy to oblige.


Neck Laser Hair Removal

We often combine facial hair removal with hair removal from the neck, although the two services are technically separate. In addition to the front of the neck, we can also treat the back of the neck, so you can enjoy a cleaner hairline.


Laser Hair Removal at SEV Laser

At SEV Laser, we pride ourselves on offering the highest caliber of laser hair removal possible. Every one of our medspas is outfitted with state-of-the-art laser equipment that’s appropriate for all skin tones. Everyone deserves to be hair-free if they want to!

Our service providers are all highly-trained laser technicians and registered nurses, so you know you’re in safe hands with them. While facial laser hair removal does hurt a little, they’ll do their best to put you at ease. Treating the entire face only takes 10 minutes, so it’ll be over before you know it.

Would you like to kiss facial hair goodbye? Go ahead and book your appointment at the SEV Laser closest to you!