Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

Bikini line laser hair removal gets you ready for summers on the beach or by the poolside. It’s the most popular laser hair removal service we do at SEV laser, and for a good reason.

While it may seem intimidating at first, this classic laser hair removal treatment is totally worthwhile. It gets rid of hair from one of the more intimate areas and saves you a ton of effort. It guarantees you’ll always feel confident when wearing your swimsuit or lingerie.

So how does bikini line laser work, exactly? What’s the process like? We’ll answer all of these questions, so you can feel comfortable and ready for your laser appointment.



How Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Works ?

Laser hair removal targets hair at the source, with the ultimate goal of preventing regrowth. It’s the best method for getting rid of hair completely and for the long term.


What to Expect from the First Appointment ?

From start to finish, the entire laser hair removal for bikini area is very quick. A regular appointment only takes around 5 minutes, which includes the actual lasering, as well as the preparation, and post-care. In other words, it’s incredibly quick!

When you come into the salon for the first time, you’ll first get the chance to talk to your nurse or laser technician. She’ll explain everything you need to know prior to the treatment and make sure you’re a good candidate. You’ll get to ask any questions you have, as well.

Once we’ve confirmed you’re ready to go, we’ll give you some privacy to change into a pair of hygienic, disposable panties. We can also cover you with a disposable sheet for added comfort.

The technician will use a skin-safe pencil to divide the treatment area into quadrants. This makes for a more efficient process and guarantees that no hair gets missed. She’ll then start treating each area methodically with the laser.

Our laser machine works by targeting the hair follicle directly. The light pinpoints the root of your hair and zaps it away. The sensation itself is a light sting. If you’ve ever waxed your bikini line you’ll be happy to know that laser is much less painful! Each pulse will zap a small area of skin, and before you know it, it’ll be all done.


Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Before and After



Area must be shaved 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Redness & Bumps are normal. Cleanse the area treated gently.


Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal Area

With laser hair removal for bikini line area, we treat the hair that’s visible when you wear a pair of panties or bikini. We eliminate the hair that grows along the sides, where the thighs connect to the pubic area, as well as any hair that peeks out above the top.

We usually go a little past the visible line, as well, to make sure you look flawlessly hair-free even if your bikini bottoms shift as you move.

Laser is the best hair removal for the bikini line – there is no debate about that.

First, it’s hard to argue against long-lasting results! By destroying the follicle, bikini line laser hair removal gets rid of hair for the long haul. This also saves you money, since you won’t need to buy shaving accessories.  

Because laser hair removal eliminates hairs right from the root, it guarantees an unparalleled level of smoothness. Unlike shaving, there is absolutely no more stubble. Unlike waxing, there is no hair that can grow back and cause uncomfortable bumps or ingrown hairs.

The process only stings a little, almost like a rubber band. It’s a lot less painful than waxing, epilating, or electrolysis. It also goes by extremely quickly, so the minor discomfort doesn’t last for long.

To summarize, it’s fast, efficient, long-lasting, and convenient. What’s not to love? If you’d like to start on your journey to a hair-free bikini line, contact us today and book your appointment!  Also, if you would like to feel totally smooth, check out our Brazilian laser hair removal.


After every session, you will usually notice that some of your hair starts to fall out all on its own. Our clients usually need around 6 to 12 sessions to get rid of all hair completely.

That’s why we recommend starting your laser treatments early. If you start your laser treatment in winter, your bikini line will be perfectly beach-ready by the time summer rolls around. Once you finish your first series of sessions, you may want to come back once or twice a year for maintenance.

Hair grows in cycles, and its regrowth ability can only be permanently damaged when it’s in the middle of its growth phase. By waiting around 4-6 weeks for each session, we can target the maximum amount of hairs, for the best long-term results.

If you’ve ever waxed your bikini line you’ll be happy to know that laser is much less painful! The zap of the laser feels like a very mild sting, and the treatment is extremely fast. At SEV, all of our machines are equipped with a cooling feature that eases the sting immediately after each pulse.

A single appointment only takes a few minutes. Most of our patients achieve their desired level of hairlessness within 6 to 12 appointments, but it varies from person to person. 


Laser hair removal is not a skin-lightening treatment. That said, it can make the bikini line look lighter by eliminating dark hair from the root. If you have hyperpigmentation from ingrown hairs, laser hair removal will prevent their recurrence and give your bikini line time to return to its normal skin tone.