Juvederm Volbella XC

Smokers’ lines – vanished! Undereye hollows – gone! Juvéderm® Volbella™ XC is the ultimate solution for these small but infuriating annoyances. This FDA-approved dermal filler is specifically designed to address fine lines and other signs of aging.

Volbella provides just the right amount of volume and plumpness. It smoothes the skin out from below, so you can look naturally more youthful and refreshed.


How Does Volbella Work?

What is Juvéderm Volbella, exactly? Simply put, it is Juvéderm’s silkiest hyaluronic acid filler. It has a very lightweight texture that allows it to provide a very subtle amount of volume.

Instead of totally staying put, Volbella’s unique texture allows it to spread a little bit. It’s perfect for filling out and plumping up small but concentrated wrinkles, like the lines many people develop around their mouth with age or after years of smoking.


Volbella XC Treatment Target Areas

If you’re looking for a more youthful smile or refreshed eyes, consider Volbella. These are the areas we usually treat with this filler. Because of its unique texture, Juvéderm Voluma is best for sculpting the following treatment areas:



Volbella is a great anti-wrinkle lip filler. It’s most commonly used for smoothing out perioral rhytids, which are the vertical lines that often form around the mouth. It’s also very popular as a general lip plumping treatment for those who want very subtle and natural enhancement.

If you’re interested in achieving very plump, pillowy lips you will likely prefer Juvéderm Ultra XC, which we also offer at most SEV Laser locations.


Under Eyes

Volbella is the first under-eye filler approved by the FDA for filling the tear troughs. Its delicate texture is perfect for enhancing the eye area without causing puffiness. It eliminates hollows under the eyes and helps to reduce dark circles, for a bright and awake look.


What Ages Are the Most Appropriate for Volbella XC Treatment?

Because of Volbella’s subtle but impressive effects, it can be a fantastic filler for a wide range of ages. While anyone over the age of 18 can consent to dermal fillers, Volbella is generally recommended only for those 21 and older. For patients in their 20s it’s ideal as a subtle lip plumper, while for older patients, it’s a fantastic anti-wrinkle treatment.


Book Your Juvederm Volbella XC Appointment at SEV

If you’re interested in the lip-smoothing, eye-awakening touch of Volbella, we’re ready to get you refreshed. Go ahead and book your appointment for lip or under-eye filler at your nearest SEV location.

Juvéderm Volbella is one of the most long-lasting lip fillers, with results usually lasting for 9 to 12 months. This is especially impressive compared to Juvéderm Ultra XC, which often requires a touch-up after 6 months.


However, results can vary significantly from patient to patient. Some customers may find that their lips or under-eye area still look smooth and plumped even two years after their treatment. Others may need a touch-up 6 months after their first injection.


At SEV, Juvéderm Volbella injections cost between $750 and $900 per syringe. Our prices for cosmetic injections vary depending on the SEV location and how much filler you require for your desired results.