Are you in your glow-up era? When you want to make several beauty moves in one go, it’s important to know which treatments pair well together and which don’t. Laser hair removal is a highly effective treatment for getting rid of unwanted hair, but there are some rules and wait times when combining it with other med spa treatments. From facials to massages, we’ll cover the best laser hair removal and med spa treatment combinations and how to time them for the best results.


Basics of Combining Laser with Other Treatments

There are a lot of treatments that you can’t get done while undergoing laser hair removal and in the days or weeks before a laser appointment. 

  • If you’re treating two different body parts, you don’t need to worry about wait periods or combinations. For example, you can get laser hair removal on your body and a microneedling facial treatment on the same day. 
  • With most non-invasive med spa treatments, you’ll need to wait two weeks before and after laser hair removal if treating the same area. 
  • You shouldn’t get any treatments that count as minimally or moderately invasive while undergoing laser hair removal. You will have to wait 4 weeks before your laser hair removal and 2 weeks after. 
  • Always let your laser hair removal nurse or technician know what other treatments you’re having done, along with your complete medical history. 
  • Even better – ask your nurse for recommendations for matching beauty treatments. 
  • If you’re undergoing any medical procedures or surgeries, speak to your doctor before getting laser hair removal.


Best Treatment Combinations

Here are some laser hair removal and med spa treatment combinations you may want to consider, along with our suggestions for how to schedule them safely. 

Laser Hair Removal and Gentle Skin Treatments

Who doesn’t love a facial? When getting laser hair removal, opt for non-exfoliating facials or body treatments that focus on hydration or soothing the skin. With gentle exfoliating facials, such as mild peels, you may need to wait a couple of weeks between laser and the facial treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal and Radiofrequency

If you’d like to firm up your skin while undergoing laser hair removal, non-invasive radiofrequency treatments like Forma are an easy pairing. For safety, there’s a two-week wait time, which means you can fit in a radiofrequency treatment in between each laser session. 

Laser Hair Removal and Botox or Fillers

Even though cosmetic injections like Botox or filler are considered mildly invasive, they’re localized to a very small area. If you want a touch of volume or wrinkle reduction in the same location where you’re getting laser hair removal, there’s a two-week wait time so you can get them done between laser treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal and Spray Tan

Laser hair removal and unprotected sun exposure are not a great mix, so a spray tan is ideal if you want skin that’s not just smooth but also bronzed. Sunless tanners are safer because they only tint the outermost layer of the epidermis, whereas sun exposure triggers melanin production by damaging the skin.

That said, avoid getting spray tans or other tans while undergoing laser hair removal. You’ll have to wait at least two weeks before and one week after treatment, and we find that it’s often not worth the hassle. 

Laser Hair Removal and Massage

Massages might be deeply relaxing, but they can include a bit of friction that might be irritating to skin that has been treated with laser hair removal. We recommend waiting at least a week after getting laser hair removal before booking a massage, especially if you enjoy more intense, deep-tissue massages. With gentler massages, a shorter wait time might be okay, but ask your nurse or laser technician to be sure.  

Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis

Laser hair removal is faster, more affordable, and less painful than electrolysis, but it can’t clear away white or blonde hair. By combining laser hair removal and electrolysis, you can eliminate all unwanted hair while saving time and money. If you’re trying to decide between laser hair removal vs electrolysis, you can start with a series of laser sessions and then do electrolysis afterward. 

Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis chart

Treatments Not to Combine

Combining laser hair removal and any of these treatments is not recommended: 

  • Microneedling: Please wait 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after getting laser hair removal, before undergoing microneedling. 
  • Waxing, sugaring, or epilating: Should be avoided in general if you’re interested in laser hair removal since the root of the hair needs to be intact for the laser to be effective. 
  • Tanning beds: Tanning beds that still rely on UV to deepen the skin tone can be quite damaging to the skin, especially if you’ve recently undergone laser hair removal. 
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound treatments can heat the skin quite dramatically, so they don’t pair well with laser hair removal if targeting the same treatment area. 
  • Laser skin treatments: Both deep-penetrating and more surface-level laser facials usually require at least a 4-week wait time, so they’re best done before or after completing your laser hair removal treatments. 
  • Tattoos: Complete your laser hair removal treatments first before getting any tattoos, including cosmetic tattoos, in the treatment area.

      Your Combinations at SEV 

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