Filler Dissolver

If you’re not happy with your filler, getting a filler dissolver injection can solve your problems. This corrective treatment can be incredibly helpful in a lot of situations. If your filler was misapplied, has migrated, or simply doesn’t look the way you hoped it would, we’re here to help you fix it.


The Process of Dissolving Filler

The process of dissolving your filler is not too complex, but we do take a few necessary precautions. Prior to your appointment, we will have you fill out paperwork to ensure you’re a safe candidate for hyaluronidase.

Then, your nurse will conduct a consultation and analysis to fully understand your dermal filler history and your desired outcome. We’ll let you know approximately how many vials of dissolver will be required and advise you as to whether you’ll need a follow-up appointment.

Then, once you’re ready, we will sanitize the treatment area. Then, we’ll carefully inject the filler dissolver in a few different spots, depending on the area being treated. The injection is quick and not particularly painful.

Once we’re done injecting, we’ll gently massage the area that has been injected to make sure the dissolver spreads evenly and starts to work.


Dissolving Filler Before and After



For 14 days before your appointment, you cannot take antibiotics, tretinoin (Retin-A), Aspirin, iron (in any form) or blood-thinning medications



For two to three days following treatment, avoid intense exercise, hot showers, saunas, steam rooms, and other activities in heated environments.


Aftercare for Filler Dissolver

Filler dissolver is a simple procedure that doesn’t require too much aftercare. In fact, after your treatment, you’ll be able to return to your normal life!

The most important part of aftercare is the first few hours when you need to keep your treated area clean and free from makeup. If you do experience a bit of swelling or pain, you can apply a cool compress to calm the area. Otherwise, avoid touching the area too much or applying pressure. Before you know it, things will be back to normal.


Get Your Filler Dissolved at SEV

Our team of nurses at SEV are highly-experienced injectors. We know what good filler is supposed to look like. Unfortunately, we’re also used to correcting filler that has been misapplied by inexperienced injectors. If you’re not happy with your filler, book your appointment and we’ll be happy to do your correction.

At SEV, dissolver injections cost between $200 and $300 per vial – exact prices vary depending on the SEV location. 

We recommend waiting at least two weeks after your dissolver injection before getting more filler. 

The dissolver starts working almost immediately and usually finishes dissolving all filler within 2 days. 

Filler-dissolving injections are FDA-approved as safe and effective. That said, there is a minor risk of allergic reaction which can lead to itching and swelling. As a rule, we use a minimum needed amount of dissolver, to prevent allergic reactions and the risk of over-dissolving.