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Would you like to experience the best laser hair removal Manhattan? SEV’s expanded to NYC with our gorgeous boutique medspa, conveniently located right on Central Park, a short block from the Ritz. 

SEV is the premiere destination for all things laser, offering laser hair removal services for the face, legs, bikini area, underarms, and full body! Our cutting-edge equipment is fast, nearly painless, and effective on all skin types. So, if you’re ready for long-lasting smooth skin, come down and treat yourself to a beauty day in the heart of the city.


Why Choose SEV? 

The Ultimate Beautification Experience 

  1. Medical accreditation 
  2. Celebrity-favorite with thousands of 5-star reviews
  3. Exceptional staff
  4. Cutting-edge tech 
  5. Proven results & superior service 


Best Laser Hair Removal Services in Manhattan

Hairfree in 3… 2… 1…

Are you ready for laser hair removal in Manhattan? This treatment is the easiest solution for ingrown hairs and razor burn. There’s no need to live with unwanted hair when you get laser hair removal in NYC! 

Our cutting-edge tech is approved by the FDA for all skin types and skin tones, with long-term results that’ll save you a lifetime of waxing and shaving. Our incredible nurses are total pros, with the experience to ensure maximum results with minimal pain. 

Know you’re in great hands. At SEV, this is our signature treatment carried out by the most caring and compassionate registered nurses.  


Laser Hair Removal Cost NYC

Making luxury accessible 

We offer à la carte laser hair removal in Manhattan, NYC. Mix and match your treatment however you want. The choice is yours. 

Clean that upper lip, get smooth legs, or take the plunge and indulge in a full-body treatment. We keep our prices affordable so you can treat any area you like. 

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Is our Manhattan location not convenient? Find your nearest SEV. 


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Have a hair-free day. 

At SEV, we want you to have a great experience when you visit us. We combine the best of both worlds: A relaxing, indulgent “day at the salon” vibe with the quality and professionalism you expect from a premium medspa.

We’re especially proud of our awesome staff in Manhattan, who are welcoming, friendly, and committed to making sure you get your questions answered and have a great time.

Make your choice for laser hair removal in New York and check out our nearest location – SEV Laser in Soho.


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New York NY 10019

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