Full Body Laser Hair Removal



Full Body Laser Hair RemovalIf you really want to bare it all, full body laser hair removal might be for you. Legs, underarms, bikini line… we know it can all add up. When you combine all of these services together, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.

Laser hair removal is a permanent hair reduction method that targets your hair from the root.

The laser damages the follicle, stopping its ability to grow hair. Compared to other hair removal services, laser is the best choice for the entire body.

It’s a one-off series of services that saves you from having to constantly shave or wax for the rest of your life. If you struggle with sensitive skin or ingrown hairs from other hair removal methods, full body laser presents the ultimate solution.

A full body hair removal appointment usually takes just a little over an hour, which is remarkably fast when you consider just how much area it has to cover. To learn more about which areas we target with full body hair laser removal, as well as what makes the experience special at SEV Laser, keep reading.

At SEV Laser, our full body laser hair removal package is a great way to achieve permanent hair reduction. Most of our patients see amazing results after 6-12 sessions, which is why the 6th session is free when you purchase a bundle of 5 appointments. Afterward, you can come in for the occasional touch-up either on your whole body or only on specific areas.

Our staff consists of highly trained registered nurses and laser technicians. Our priority is making laser accessible to everyone, so we carry state-of-the-art laser machines that can effectively reduce hair in all skin tones.


Brazilian and Bikini Laser Hair Removal

As part of full body hair removal, we can offer either a full Brazilian or just bikini line laser hair removal. Brazilian laser hair removal gets rid of hair from the entire pubic area. Bikini line laser only treats the hair that might be visible when you wear a bikini, like the crease where the legs connect to the pubic area and above the panty line.


Legs Laser Hair Removal

The legs are often the largest area that we treat as part of a full-body laser appointment. Laser hair removal legs covers the entire area, from the tops of the feet and the toes to the knees up to the thighs. Depending on how much hair growth you have, you might want all of those areas treated.


Hands, Arms, and Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Underarm laser hair removal is always a part of full body laser. For both men and women, the hair that grows in the armpits often feels grimy or like it ruins their look in sleeveless shirts and dresses. We often also do hand laser hair removal, to target the back of the hands, as well as the arms themselves.


Facial Laser Hair Removal

As far as we’re concerned, your face is technically part of your body. Facial laser hair removal can focus on any areas of your face where you have unwanted hair. The eyes and the skin around them are the only exceptions. Both are far too sensitive for the laser.

Men often also take the chance to improve the outline of their facial hair or do laser hair removal from the neck when having their face treated.


Back and Neck Laser Hair Removal

A lot of people find that having hair on their back makes them feel uncomfortable when taking their shirts off. For others, hair down the back of the neck just ruins the aesthetic of their haircut. Either way, we’re happy to offer laser hair removal on back (upper and lower), as well as the neck and shoulders.


Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

Doing all of your body parts at once is a great way to save money. An appointment costs between $475 to $550. If you don’t need your entire body treated, you’re still welcome to bundle together a few services! To find out exactly how much it costs in your state, have a look at our service menu. So are you ready to be smooth all over? Book now at your nearby SEV Laser spa.

At SEV, our expert nurses and laser technicians can complete your full-body laser hair removal session in just a little over an hour. 

Pain levels vary from person to person, but in general, our clients are often surprised to discover that laser doesn’t hurt as much as they expected! The zap of the laser feels like a very mild sting. Plus, at SEV, all of our machines are equipped with a cooling feature that eases the sting immediately after each pulse.

When carried out by an experienced, accredited professional like our staff at SEV, laser hair removal is very safe! It’s FDA-approved as safe and effective, and that includes full-body treatments.