Yes, you can get laser hair removal during your period! 

It’s a question that pops up often, and for some good reasons. Laser hair removal is a game-changing treatment for unwanted facial and body hair but it’s also complex, with a reputation for being painful. Can you really get laser hair removal on your period? 

The reality is that while that time of the month is not always ideal for laser, it’s still perfectly safe. Research shows that it’s also just as effective as during any other phase of your cycle. Aside from that, your experience may vary – we’ll explain why and how in this post


How Menstruation Affects Laser Hair Removal

As you’re probably well aware, your menstrual cycle impacts your body in endless ways: Your energy levels, mood, and even digestion can all fluctuate from one phase to another. While menstruation doesn’t impact the efficacy of your laser hair removal treatments, it can still influence your overall experience. 

Pain Levels and Your Cycle 

In the days leading up to and during your period, getting laser hair removal might be a little more painful. Many women (especially those with chronic pain conditions) experience more pain during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle, which is usually the week before you get your period. 

You want to be aware of how you experience pain throughout your cycle when scheduling your appointment. Also, keep in mind that laser hair removal isn’t very painful in the first place, and not all women experience this minor increase in pain. If your provider uses laser technology with cooling features, your experience might be totally painless regardless of the time of the month. 

laser hair removal in period

Side Effects and Healing

Studies show that the body doesn’t heal quite as easily in the days before your period, and most doctors agree that the skin also tends to be a little more sensitive at this time. If you get laser hair removal during or right before your period, you’re slightly more likely to experience common side effects like redness, swelling, or tenderness. They might stick around a little longer than normal, but not by much. 

General Discomfort and Fatigue

Even if you’re not particularly sensitive to pain, the days before and during your period aren’t always comfortable. Your energy levels and mental health can both take a bit of a hit during the premenstrual period. For some, a visit to the med spa can feel like self-care (especially at SEV) and might help to uplift your mood, while others might prefer to stay home and rest. 

Managing Discomfort During Laser Hair Removal

If you do decide to come in for laser hair removal right before or during your period, here are a few extra measures that’ll help you improve your comfort. 

  • Take great care of your body prior to the appointment – eat well, drink plenty of water, and avoid consuming alcohol.
  • There’s nothing wrong with taking a painkiller prior to your appointment. Keep in mind that most painkillers take about 30-45 minutes to kick in. 
  • If you’re getting laser hair removal on a more intimate area, opt for period hygiene products like tampons or cups instead of pads. 
  • Follow all of your provider’s other pre and aftercare instructions
  • If your skin feels more sensitive than normal, you can use aloe vera and ice packs to calm it down. 


Can You Get Brazilian Laser On Your Period?

Yes, you can get Brazilian laser hair removal even if you’re on your period. Make sure to choose period care products that’ll help you feel clean and comfortable during the treatment. Internal period hygiene devices such as tampons or reusable menstrual cups are ideal because they don’t get in the way, whereas pads can be problematic. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Better Before or After Period?

While you can definitely get laser hair removal at any point in your cycle, it might be better to book your treatment for after your period if possible. Most women feel their best during the follicular phase of their menstrual cycle, which is right after your period ends. 

If your period or premenstrual period don’t have a big impact on your life, you don’t have to let it impact your scheduling. Then again, if it’s easy to find the time and you know it’ll make you feel more comfortable, scheduling your appointment for after your period helps ensure you have the best experience. 

Top Laser Hair Removal Any Time of the Month

No matter where you are in your cycle, we’ll be happy to welcome you to your hair removal appointment at SEV. All of our locations have a warm, caring atmosphere where you can feel at ease. To limit pain and discomfort, all of our machines are equipped with a cooling mechanism that helps to soothe the skin during treatments. Whether you’re on your period or not, you can expect a wonderful laser hair removal experience. Go ahead and book!