Every city has countless salons, spas, and clinics offering the same services. Why should you choose SEV Laser?

When it comes to your beauty and health, it makes sense to do your research. Whether you’re planning to get laser hair removal or Botox injections, you want to know you’re in great hands and that your money is being spent wisely. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves and explain what makes us special. SEV was founded in California in 2010 by Sevana Petrosian, and it soon went on to become a celebrity-favorite salon. 

Today, with nearly 30 SEV locations across the US, we’ve made luxury medspa services more accessible to people all over the country. Here are the features, values, and convictions that make us the best network of medspas in the country. 


Laser Hair Removal Expertise

Thousands of reviewers have raved about the efficacy and speed of laser hair removal at SEV. 

From the beginning, laser hair removal was always our focus. Most of our locations offer additional beauty treatments, but this is our primary area of expertise. Our staff members are registered nurses and laser technicians with rigorous training, so we are able to offer fast, effective, and comfortable laser hair removal treatments to every customer. 

We use the most cutting-edge laser equipment, with two types of lasers: Alexandrite and Nd:YAG which are safe and effective across all skin tones. 

Beauty Treatments That Work 

In addition to laser hair removal, many SEV locations also offer injectables and skin & body treatments

All of the services offered at SEV are evidence-backed and FDA-approved, with rigorous clinical research that proves their safety and efficacy. We have the medical accreditation needed to carry them out, and all operations are overseen by our medical director Dr. Ehsan Ali. 

Whether you want a body-firming treatment or a wrinkle reduction, there’s a service on our menu that can give you the results you want. 

The Friendliest Nurses

It’s not just about results – it’s also about how you feel when you get treated. SEV’s nurses, laser technicians, and support staff have all been selected not just for their experience, but also for their impeccable bedside manner. We want you to leave every appointment with a smile on your face, feeling like you just got to spend a bit of time getting pampered by a good friend.



Affordable Luxury 

When customers walk into SEV, they’re often awed by the chic design and luxurious aesthetic. Then, they’re often surprised to discover our accessible pricing. At SEV, we’ve made it our mission to make beauty accessible to everyone. Making sure everyone can afford our services is a big part of that. Even so, our level of care, the equipment we use, and our overall vibe are as luxurious as can be. 


Experience SEV For Yourself 

You can find SEV locations from the East to West Coast, and we’re only growing. In each city, our medspas are located in the bustling downtowns and trendiest areas, easily accessible on your lunch break or in the midst of a shopping spree. 

With a guaranteed fabulous experience at an affordable price, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try SEV for yourself. If you’re ready to get a little glow-up or you’d like to start your laser hair removal journey, go ahead and book an appointment at your nearest SEV.