Many wonder about the origins of SEV Laser and the identity of its founder and CEO. SEV was started by Sevana Petrosian, a passionate businesswoman and beauty industry professional who credits God and the people around her for helping her make her dreams a reality.

With nearly 30 stunning locations across the United States, it’s easy to assume that SEV is a corporate spa chain started in a boardroom – especially if you haven’t had a chance to experience our friendly service in person. 

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Read on to learn Sevana’s story and how SEV Laser came to be. 


Humble Beginnings

Born to an Armenian family, Sevana migrated to the US as a child. Her parents always exemplified to her the importance of helping others and taking an active part in the community. 

As a child, Sevana fell in love with beauty and aesthetics. She would play with skincare products and mix her own creams and lotions that she would gift to her friends and family. It was clear that she was destined for a career in the beauty industry.

In 2010, Sevana opened her first laser hair removal operation in a small salon back room in Glendale, California. At the time, her business was simply called Glendale Laser Center. She ran every aspect of it by herself, from answering calls to servicing clients. Her advertising efforts consisted of making a Facebook page and handing out flyers by herself. After she won her first few customers, word of mouth took care of the rest. 

Soon enough, clients were coming from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and other parts of Los Angeles to enjoy the experience that Sevana created in her little space. At this point, expansion was necessary. She opened her next location on Melrose Place and finally came up with a new name: SEV – a catchy, shortened version of her name. Her clientele continued to grow, with many celebrities numbering among her customers.


By The Grace of God 

Sevana credits her success to the grace of God. 

She was at a crossroads in her life, lacking both financial certainty and a sense of direction. She found herself sitting in her little apartment, unable to think of what she’ll do next. It was at this time when she turned her attention to a copy of the Bible that had been given to her as a gift. She revisited the sacred book and started reading it in earnest.

Through prayer, Sevana discovered a powerful, intimate connection with God. It was a practice that encouraged a new mentality in her, of gratefulness, inner peace, and self-assuredness. Through prayer, she learned that God had a plan for her.

This new path was a manifestation of her childhood passion for beauty combined with her desire to be of service to those around her. At the time, laser hair removal was extremely expensive – a price that someone like the average college student could hardly afford. Once Sevana looked into the real costs of equipment and overhead, she realized it didn’t have to be. That’s how she arrived at the idea of offering laser hair removal at affordable rates, while still creating a luxurious, pampering experience for her customers. 

Sevana attributes all of her success to God, and that’s why she has made a promise: With every new SEV location, the phrase “By The Grace Of God” will always be part of the design, as a reminder of how and why this company came to be in the first place. 


SEV Today

Today, SEV is one of the most successful and rapidly-growing multi-location medspas in the United States. Sevana’s personal touch can be found in every location, while her convictions permeate through every client’s experience at a SEV Laser salon. 

Her values are integral to the brand, and every SEV team member exemplifies them through dutiful, compassionate service. 

As the CEO, Sevana is heavily involved with every aspect of SEV’s operations. Her unique creative vision can be seen in every aspect of the company’s branding and design. She works tirelessly to find new ways to make SEV more accessible to people all over the world. Her future plans include international expansion and products that will allow customers to bring the SEV experience into their homes.