There is no shortage of clinics, salons, and med spas in NYC where you can get unwanted hair removed, but if you want the best laser hair removal in Brooklyn, you’ll need to do a little bit of research. In this post, we’ll explain what you need to look for in a laser hair removal salon, to ensure you can have the best experience and results possible. 

Look for Experienced Providers 

Working with a provider you trust is key to ensuring you have the best Brooklyn laser hair removal experience possible. 

At the time of publishing, New York doesn’t require laser hair removal technicians to undergo training or to have any medical oversight. In other words, you don’t have to be licensed to do laser hair removal in NY, although this may change in the future. 

This makes it critically important that as a client, you ask about the background, experience, and training of your provider. At SEV, for instance, all of our med spas are overseen by a licensed physician and all of our technicians are experienced and trained to offer safe and effective treatments.

The Best Laser Technology

Just as important is to choose a salon with laser hair removal technology that actually works. Some machines are better than others when it comes to efficacy, versatility, and even pain levels. 

The best laser hair removal salons in Brooklyn use more advanced laser equipment with dual-wavelength lasers. Long-wavelength lasers like Nd:YAG are more effective on those with deeper skin tones, while short-wavelength lasers like Alexandrite work better on those with lighter skin tones. 

Many salons use diode lasers or intense pulsed light (which isn’t laser at all). Those machines are often cheaper, but they don’t have the same specificity and effectiveness as having a dual laser. Additionally, with more advanced machines, the treatment is faster and less painful.

Consider the Cost

You want to choose a med spa where you can afford the treatment. So how much does laser hair removal cost in NYC? It can be as little as $30-$50 for a small body part or up to the thousands for a full body package.

Some salons make it hard to figure out, so to start, look for med spas with transparent laser hair removal pricing. The best clinics will have comprehensive price lists – remember to also check if they offer packages! 

Read Reviews

So how can you verify that you’ve finally found the best laser hair removal clinic in Brooklyn? You’ve confirmed that the staff are trained and that the prices are within your budget. Looking at reviews should be next. Google Maps and Yelp are both filled with people’s first-hand experience at different laser hair removal salons in Brooklyn. 

Don’t just look at the star ratings, but also read the reviews. A great med spa should mostly have positive reviews, but a few negative reviews are normal. In the negative reviews, try to see if reviewers mention any factors that are deal-breakers for you, and see how the salon itself responded.  

SEV: The Best Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn 

At SEV Brooklyn, laser hair removal is our specialty. We’ve made it our goal to offer the best laser hair removal in Brooklyn at an accessible price point. Our providers are hard to beat when it comes to experience and compassion, so rest assured that they’ll always make you feel pampered.

All of our locations use dual-wavelength machines with both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser, to ensure our clients experience the best results regardless of skin tone. Reviewers rave about our friendly and professional team members and about how the laser treatment itself is surprisingly painless. If you’d like to discover the SEV difference for yourself, go ahead and book an appointment