Laser Hair Removal: Bikini Line

It’s time for that itsy bitsy bikini! Hey, we get it. It’s a sensitive topic about a sensitive area. But don’t let the business of hair removal stop you from wearing that killer suit. Watch our laser Nurse/technician prepare and perform bikini line hair removal and learn how the process goes. No one loves shaving their bikini line, because of the risk of razor burn and painful bumps. Waxing isn’t much better. Who wants hot wax smeared on such a sensitive area? In contrast, bikini area hair removal via laser is fast and efficient. Think about ditching the razors and the wax in favor of a few worry-free sessions at the SEV Laser medspa.

What to Expect

Our enlightening video shows you exactly what to expect when you go in for bikini line laser treatment for hair removal. The Nurse/technician will put you at ease and ensure that you’re comfortable before beginning. The sensation of the laser isn’t much different from a rubber band. You’ll hardly notice the removal process.

The hairs that are targeted during your bikini area hair removal appointment are dead from that point onward. It takes about two weeks before the follicles fall out completely.

Don’t waste time shaving or waxing your bikini line during swimsuit season. You don’t need to put up with the hassle or the pain. Visit SEV Laser or contact us for bikini line laser hair elimination that’s fast, convenient, and longer-lasting than shaving, sugaring, or waxing.

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