When it comes to laser hair removal, not all machines are created equal. If you go to a salon that doesn’t have quality equipment, you can end up wasting your money without ever achieving your hair-free goals. If you’ve been wondering what laser we use at SEV Laser, we’ll explain it all in this post. 

First, to cut to the chase, we use two main types of laser technologies in order to accommodate all skin types: Alexandrite for lighter skin tones and Nd:YAG for those with darker skin. To learn more about these technologies and to understand which will work best for you, keep reading. 


Alexandrite Laser 

Alexandrite laser technology is by far the most efficient option for laser hair removal, but it’s also a little limited. It works exceptionally well on those with fair skin and dark hair. For those with darker skin tones, it can’t make the distinction between skin and hair. It can end up damaging the skin. 

If you’re into crystals, the word alexandrite may sound familiar to you! This laser technology relies on an alexandrite gemstone to concentrate and amplify light. It transforms electrically-generated light into a powerful pulse that can radically reduce hair growth. Alexandrite laser has a relatively short wavelength of 750 nm, which is the ideal length to reach the hair follicle. 


Nd:YAG Laser 

Nd:YAG laser technology is the safest and most effective hair removal option for those with darker skin. Compared to alexandrite laser, Nd:YAG has a longer wavelength (1064 nm to be precise). It penetrates slightly deeper beyond the skin surface, directly to the hair follicle. 
The skin only “holds” melanin in the epidermis, which Nd:YAG laser bypasses, while the hair follicle is deeper in the dermis. This way, the Nd:YAG can identify and damage the hair follicle without hurting the surrounding skin. 
And yes, just like alexandrite, Nd:YAG is also a crystal, albeit a lab-made one. 


What Company is Your Laser From? 

You may have seen us mention that we use Candela or Cynosure lasers on social media. 
Those aren’t the laser technologies we’re using. They’re the names of the companies that produce the laser machines we use. From Candela, we use the Candela Gentle Max Pro. From Cynosure, we use the Elite IQ model. Whether we use one brand or the other varies across SEV locations. 
The two companies are leaders in the industry that produce excellent equipment and provide similar results. Both machines are dual-wavelength, which means that they utilize both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser technology. This allows our nurses and laser technicians to choose between one or the other depending on each client’s skin tone. 


Book Your Laser Hair Removal

Thanks to the two kinds of laser we use at SEV, we’re able to offer hair removal to customers with every skin type. All of our laser services are provided by highly-trained registered nurses and laser technicians who know the technology like the back of their hand. 
No matter your background or skin tone, your service provider will be able to select the correct type of laser. So there’s no need to wait – go ahead and book your appointment at the SEV location nearest to you!