For women with PCOS, unwanted hair growth in areas like the face, chest, or stomach is a demoralizing but common symptom. If you have this condition, you’ve probably already heard that laser hair removal is a potential solution for that frustrating issue. 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PCOS and laser hair removal. 


What is PCOS?

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal condition estimated to affect around 6% to 12% of women. It’s usually diagnosed based on infertility, but many women realize they have it after noticing abnormal hair growth. 

The main diagnostic criteria for PCOS are the following: High levels of androgens (the male sex hormones), cysts on the ovaries, and irregular menstruation patterns (or none at all). 

A lot of PCOS symptoms are a direct result of that higher level of androgens, including acne, pattern hair loss, and an increase in hair growth. It’s normal for women to have some hair on their face or other parts of body, but it’s usually thin and barely visible. Because of the stimulating effect of the male hormones, PCOS leads to darker, coarser, and more visible hair, which can be frustrating to deal with.


Does Laser Hair Removal Work for PCOS?

Yes! If you’re frustrated by unwanted hair, you’ll be happy to know that laser hair removal works for PCOS. It can be done on nearly every body part and on the face. 

Laser hair removal works by emitting a very strong beam of light that targets the hair follicle directly. The light damages the hair follicle, inhibiting its ability to create new hair. It’s approved by the FDA as a hair reduction method, and most clients require at least 6 treatments (often more) to achieve their desired results. 

That said, it’s important to mention that the hormonal factors associated with PCOS can impact the overall results of laser hair removal. While women with PCOS see a significant reduction in hair with the help of laser, they may need more sessions and slightly more frequent maintenance treatments than someone who doesn’t have PCOS.


Can Laser Make PCOS Worse?

No. The laser works only on the level of the hair follicles. It can’t impact your hormones. PCOS is a complex condition that’s largely impacted by what’s going on inside your body. While factors like diet and lifestyle can make some of its symptoms worse, laser hair removal can’t. 


Laser Hair Removal PCOS Results 

Before you start pursuing laser hair removal for PCOS, it’s important you have a clear idea of what kind of results you can expect. Laser hair removal results vary greatly from client to client, and unfortunately, it can be a longer process for those with PCOS. Facial hair, in particular, can be quite stubborn. 

Even so, most of our clients with PCOS still find that laser hair removal is well worth it. With each additional treatment, hair growth progressively slows down. That means that even if you still find you need to shave, it’ll get faster and easier month by month, and you won’t need to do it as often.

Eventually, once you achieve satisfactory results, you may still need to come in for the occasional maintenance session. For many, that once-in-a-while visit to the spa is still vastly more convenient than constant hair removal!  


PCOS and Laser Hair Removal at SEV 

If you have PCOS, laser hair removal is a game changer. By dramatically reducing your unwanted hair, it’ll save you a ton of frustration and effort. The process does require regular treatments over the course of a few months, but in the end, the results are smooth, hair-free skin. 

We’ll be happy to welcome you for your treatment at SEV. We pride ourselves on turning laser hair removal into a luxury experience at an accessible price point. Not only will we help you get rid of that PCOS body hair, but we’ll make sure you feel like a star the entire time you’re with us! 

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see smoother skin – if you’d like to get started, go ahead and book an appointment at your nearest SEV.