Do you ever get tired of shaving or waxing your legs? It’s tedious, time-consuming, and often painful. In contrast, laser hair removal for legs is economical, efficient, and long-lasting. After the first few laser sessions, you can enjoy the luxury of silky smooth legs all the time. It’s a better alternative than options that can cause ingrown hairs and irritated skin, as is the case with using a razor or relying on wax. Sev Laser is happy to walk you through the steps.


Lasering the Leg Hair

The process of laser hair removal for legs begins before you even arrive at Sev Laser. For two weeks prior to your appointment, you need to keep your legs out of the sun. If you’ve had exposure to the sun, the Technician will need to use a gentler setting on the laser or possibly not be able to laser at all in order to protect your skin. 24-48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, go ahead and shave your legs.

Upon your arrival, the laser Technician will mark a grid on your leg. Working in separate quadrants allows the tech to apply the laser evenly to target every hair follicle. After prepping your skin, it’s time to work the laser over each area.

For two weeks following your appointment, keep your legs covered and out of the sun. The same rules apply before your next treatment. Avoid the sun for at least two weeks beforehand. Doing so reduces the risk of a burn from the laser or the sun.
Sev Laser is happy to answer all of your questions about laser hair removal for legs. Call or stop by for a consult today.