Winter is here, and it’s time to plan your summer glow-up! If you’d like to be smooth and hair free just in time for sundresses and short shorts, getting laser hair removal in winter is mandatory. 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting laser hair removal in winter, including why it’s such a great idea and how you can make sure your aftercare is on point.  

Why Should You Get Laser Hair Removal in Winter? 

Thanks to the cold weather and low UV, the best seasons for laser hair removal are winter and fall. These are the key benefits of getting your laser hair removal during these colder seasons: 

Your Skin is Probably at Its Base Color

For laser to be safe, comfortable, and effective, your skin needs to be at its base color. Whether you’re a self-tanner aficionado or a devotee to the sun, letting go of that tan is easier when the UV index is low and no one expects you to look like a bronzed goddess. So embrace your base tone, and get started with winter laser hair removal. 

Your Skin Can Recover More Easily 

In summer, heat and sun exposure can exacerbate the side effects of laser hair removal, potentially leading to adverse reactions. In winter, staying protected is easier, so the recovery process can be faster and more straightforward.

Be Smooth for Summer 

It usually takes several sessions of laser hair removal to achieve dramatic results. If you’re hoping to achieve that total smoothness by a specific date, it’s important to start your treatments with plenty of time to spare. For many, that specific date is in the summer when you may want to show off more skin. We usually recommend playing it safe and starting your laser in the autumn, but starting in winter may still give you enough time


Aftercare for Laser Hair Removal in Winter

It’s incredibly important to follow your provider’s recommendations after laser hair removal, so your skin can recover quickly with minimal side effects. Here are a few additional considerations for aftercare in winter: 

  • Avoid hot tubs, saunas, hot yoga, and any other sources of intense heat for a day or two following treatment. 
  • For a day or two after your laser appointment, avoid wearing tight thermal layers over the treated area. 
  • Keep the area moisturized using gentle, fragrance-free products. 

Most Winter Beauty Treatments to Try

Winter isn’t just a great time for laser hair removal — it’s also the perfect chance for other beauty procedures. Radiofrequency microneedling treatments like Morpheus8 and Potenza do a magnificent job of tightening the skin and smoothing away wrinkles or texture, but they can make the skin a little more sensitive to the sun. If you’ve been curious about getting an anti-aging treatment, make the most of the colder season and give it a try! 

Get Hair Free Anytime With SEV

Getting laser hair removal in winter is ideal. Aftercare is easier, and the chances are pretty good that you’ll achieve your results by the time summer rolls around. But then again, if you want smoother skin, the time of year shouldn’t matter! 

By choosing SEV for your laser hair removal experience, you’ll set yourself up for success regardless of the season. Our laser providers are experts at their craft, with the skills needed to ensure safe laser hair removal with incredible results. Book now and make sure you’re ready for bikini season!