Gentlemen, it’s time to consider laser hair removal for beards. There’s plenty of talk about how uncomfortable shaving and waxing can be for women, but men don’t have it any easier! Maybe you want a clean-shaven appearance, or to sculpt an out-of-control beard. You might have stray hairs you’re desperate to deal with. Don’t worry! With male laser hair removal, your laser Nurse can help you to achieve the look you want. Sev Laser has everything you need to know about the process, along with a video that reveals a firsthand example of the laser treatment.


Beard on Fleek

Men have to deal with ingrown hairs on their face and neck, a problem that’s exacerbated each time they shave. Laser hair removal for beards takes care of that as handily as it deals with your facial hair. In addition, the irritation that men experience from daily shaving results in dry, inflamed skin. Over time, these problems open the skin up for infection, and can even contribute to patchy hair growth.

In contrast, male laser hair removal is quick and easy. You get to sit back while your laser hair technician does all the work. Because laser removal is all about precision, you tell your Technician exactly which areas to treat. The Technician will draw a grid on your face and neck to delineate the spots receiving laser treatment.


Laser Hair Removal for Men Guide

First step, stay out of the sun for a minimum of two weeks prior to your appointment. Afterward, remember to keep your face safe from the sun for a minimum of two weeks! You can learn more about laser hair removal for beards at Sev Laser.