A customized facial from Sev Laser is just what you need to enjoy a fresh, glowing, and rejuvenated appearance. Professional skincare experts and Estheticians know how to treat every skin type to its best advantage. That’s precisely what you’ll receive when you book an appointment for a medspa facial at Sev Laser. The treatments are tailored to meet the needs of each individual. Take a look at an example of the skincare treatment waiting for you at Sev Laser.


A Customized Facial

Before beginning the facial, you’ll consult with our friendly Esthetician. That way, the two of you can pinpoint your skin type and problem areas. Your Esthetician will then choose the best products for you.

Some of the steps in a custom facial are universal. For example, your Esthetician will begin with a cleansing facial that eliminates makeup, oil, and other debris while simultaneously rehydrating your skin.

Following the cleanser, your Esthetician will perform microdermabrasion, a process which exfoliates the skin by removing the top layer. After receiving microdermabrasion, the Esthetician will apply a selection of oils and serums. Next comes an LED mask customized to your specific needs and skin type. That level of attention is what you can expect from a personalized medspa facial from Sev!

Visit Sev Laser or contact us to put together a customized facial of your own.