Laser hair removal is just a small part of how we can take care of ourselves! For many of our customers, exercise is an important part of their routine. After all, if you’re investing your time in achieving smooth, hairless skin, chances are you also care about the wellbeing of the rest of your body.

Exercise is one of the best things humans can do to be healthy and feel great, but combining it with laser hair removal requires some thoughtful scheduling. As all of our customers are well-aware, you should not do any intense workouts too soon after getting laser hair removal.

But how soon is too soon? What about exercising before laser? And what does intense mean, anyway? We’ll explain it all in this post!


Can You Exercise Before Laser Hair Removal?

To start, you can exercise prior to getting laser hair removal as long as you give yourself enough time to recover. Heavy exercise increases blood flow to the skin and raises your body temperature. This makes your skin a little more prone to inflammation, but only for the period while your body is still feeling hot from your workout.

To prevent your laser treatment from being too irritating, just plan accordingly! Give yourself enough time to shower and totally cool down after your workout. Waiting 30 minutes to an hour is usually enough. If you know that your body takes longer to cool down then give yourself that time.


When Can You Exercise After Laser Hair Removal?

After laser hair removal, your skin will probably be a little red and tender. Laser works by heating the hair follicle, which leads to a little bit of inflammation and irritation. The last thing you want is to participate in an activity that will make that irritation worse, like exercise.

In most cases, the skin calms down around 48 hours after your laser hair removal, so that’s when you can resume your regular physical activity. However, if your skin is taking longer to calm down, you should wait a little longer to exercise, as well.


What Exercises Should You Avoid After Laser Hair Removal?

Meditative yoga is very different from an intense HIIT session. Following your laser appointment, it’s important to avoid any exercise that will raise your internal body temperature and lead to a lot of sweating and redness.

You can participate in low-impact activities like going for a walk (as long as it’s not too hot outside) or stretching. On the other hand, any activities that’ll raise your heart rate like jogging, weight lifting, Zumba, crossfit, or an intense team sport are best avoided for at least two days following your treatment.

If you do decide to participate in more relaxed activities, make sure to wear loose clothing that won’t chafe against your skin.


Scheduling Your Laser Appointment 

Missing out on a couple of days of exercise might be a bummer, but think about it this way: we all need a rest day sometimes. Plus, just think about how much your muscles will pop when they’re no longer covered by hair!

Through our booking portal, it should be easy to find an appointment that’ll fit within your planned rest days and won’t conflict with your hot yoga class schedule. You can definitely get rid of hair without compromising your workout routine!