Are you looking for the best place to get laser hair removal in Austin? SEV Laser is at your service! Originally from California, the SEV chain of medspas has been voted by Byrdie as the best laser hair removal services of 2022

Conveniently located right in Downtown Austin, SEV Laser is a comfortable and convenient destination for effective laser treatments that will leave you permanently hair-free. To find out why we’ve become Texas’ favorite place for laser hair removal, keep on reading! 


Why You Should Visit SEV in Austin

With our medspa, we’ve created a space like no other. These are the reasons why SEV is unique and worthy of your visit. 


You Deserve a Relaxing Time

For newcomers to laser hair removal, thinking about that first treatment can be a little scary. We understand that it’s an intimate procedure and that you might also have some concerns about pain and discomfort. 

At SEV Laser, we’ve created an elegant, luxurious space designed to transform a nerve-inducing idea into a pampering and relaxing experience. From our cozy treatment rooms to the high level of customer service offered by our staff, every moment at SEV is one that you will cherish. 


Luxuriously Affordable

At SEV Laser, affordable luxury isn’t an oxymoron. The reality is that many laser hair removal salons offer their services at a significant markup. Our laser hair removal treatments are some of the most affordable in Austin because they’re pegged to the true cost of providing your treatment. We believe that you deserve that A-lister experience no matter your background or budget. 


Professionalism Rules 

Professionalism is at the core of our laser hair removal service. We use state-of-the-art equipment with dual-wavelength technology, to guarantee that we can treat ALL skin tones effectively.

Thanks to our highly experienced staff of registered nurses and laser technicians, we’re able to provide effective laser hair removal that causes minimal discomfort. Our customers rave about just how painless and quick laser hair removal at SEV can be! 


What Other Services Does SEV Offer in Austin?

Laser hair removal might be our signature service, but we don’t stop there. We’re also a premier destination for injectables and skin tightening. 



Injectables like dermal fillers and Botox can have a huge impact on your appearance. Fillers can plump up the skin or lips to address loss of volume while Botox helps reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles. We also offer Kybella to melt unwanted fat under the chin, and dissolver injections to correct previous filler.  

At SEV Laser in Austin, our registered nurses are expert aesthetic injectors that can give you the precise results you want, without ever overfilling. 


Skin Tightening 

Firmer skin is just a zap away! The laser equipment we use at SEV in Austin can also be utilized to address skin laxity. Through laser therapy, this skin tightening treatment promotes renewed collagen production to improve skin firmness. It’s a fantastic anti-aging treatment for the face or contouring treatment for the body.


Other SEV Locations

One of our key missions at SEV is to make effective beauty services available to everyone, which is why we’re always growing. We currently have 27 locations across 7 US states! In Texas, you can also find SEV Laser medspas in Houston and Dallas. 

The rest of our locations are spread across California, New York, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. You can easily book your appointment at any of our locations using our booking portal. Are you ready for your hair-free experience?