You have concerns, and that’s natural! Watching a laser hair removal video takes the guesswork out of the process. If you’ve never been, or you’re nervous about the prospect of hair removal, seeing a firsthand demonstration yourself can put your mind at ease. It’s often the tipping point that convinces prospective clients to book an appointment with us. After all, you can glean a significant amount of information from a laser hair removal demonstration by SEV Laser.


Arms Laser Hair Removal Process

As SEV Laser’s laser hair removal video reveals, the hair removal process is straightforward and our Nurses/technicians are transparent and ready to answer any and all questions. Most clients compare the feeling to the subtle snap of a rubber band against the skin. A small sting is to be expected. However, if at any point you feel a burning sensation or your skin begins to feel hot, then that’s the time to alert the Nurse/practitioner.
Once hair follicles receive the laser treatment, they are effectively dead. Within two weeks of the appointment, you may notice some shedding or visible reduction in regrowth, although this won’t occur in all patients.
Besides having laser hair removal for arms, SEV Laser offers to do full hands laser hair removal.


The After-Care

It’s important to take care of the treated skin afterward. You have to keep lasered skin covered after your appointment. You can’t be out in the sun for two weeks after your appointment and for two weeks before your next appointment. As detailed in the laser hair removal demonstration, you should also apply sunscreen to the treated area.
Learn more about hair removal with a firsthand laser hair removal video. Do you think you might try the services offered by SEV Laser?