Want to feel a little more rejuvenated? We all have those days when we look in the mirror and just feel a little haggard. Maybe it’s just temporary dullness after you’ve gone through a rough patch, or maybe it’s age-related. Either way, skin rejuventation will help you look and feel more refreshed! 

With these 5 skin rejuvenation methods, you can nourish and re-energize your skin, from simple things you can do at home to professional Morpheus8 or Potenza treatments that rejuvenate your skin on a deep level. 


Limit Sun Exposure

Before you can try any direct renewal, our number 1 tip to rejuvenate your skin is to start with sun protection. Limit your skin’s direct exposure to the sun in any way you can: Use sunscreen, wear hats, and stay indoors when the UV index is very high.

Why are we so focused on this? It’s simple. The sun is the most destructive force out there when it comes to skin health, and if you don’t protect yourself from it, all of your other attempts to rejuvenate your skin will be wasted.   


Hydrate Your Skin

The next way to rejuvenate your skin is through hydration. When the outermost layer of your skin is saturated with water, it puffs up a little bit, which immediately makes it look firmer with softer wrinkles and smaller pores. Plus, hydrated skin acts as a stronger barrier, preventing damage and irritation. 

Drinking water alone will not bring moisture directly to your skin (although it is important you stay well hydrated!). Instead, you want to use high-quality skincare products with hydrating ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, that’ll deliver hydration directly to your skin. Other ingredients to look for include ceramides, niacinamide, and oils that’ll help your skin lock that moisture in place. 


Use Skin Renewing Products 

A daily skincare routine is the slow and steady method to rejuvenate and preserve your skin over time. Your routine should include a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen at a minimum, but adding a few proven anti-aging serums will help as well. 

Look for ingredients like retinol, glycolic or lactic acids, vitamin C, and peptides. These kinds of renewing ingredients are powerful but they can also be a little irritating. Introduce them slowly, one by one, and watch out for redness or flakiness. If you’re also coming in for skin rejuvenation treatments, be sure to contact your medspa to ensure you do not need to discontinue any of your products.


Care for Your Whole Body 

Your body is a complex system, and your skin is the largest organ. To take the best care of your skin, you also want to care for your other organs. Start thinking of any healthy action you take as a skin rejuvenating action that’ll result in your skin looking a little brighter, healthier, and more youthful! 

That includes eating a complete and nutritious diet, drinking enough water, avoiding smoking and excess alcohol, exercising, and more. Your mind is also part of this process, so don’t neglect your mental health, either.  


Try Professional Skin Rejuvenation 

What you do at home every day matters a lot, but it can only go so far. Professional skin rejuvenation treatments take things up a notch by penetrating deeply and stimulating skin fibroblasts directly. 

Our favorite skin rejuvenating treatments are Morpheus8 and Potenza. They use microneedles to penetrate down to the layers of the dermis where collagen and elastin form. Through the microneedles, these devices stimulate the skin, ramping up the production of those connective proteins. This helps to thicken the lower layers of the skin to reduce fine lines and increase firmness. 

They’re as robust as a skin rejuvenation can be without requiring downtime, and the before and after results are incredible. 

For another method of skin rejuvenation, we also offer Forma. If you’re not a fan of needles, it’s a little more gentle, which is why it’s become a popular pre-event facial. It uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production leading to firmer, tighter, and glowing skin.  If you’d like to give one of these treatments a try, check our booking page to see if we offer them at your nearest SEV!