Learn What to Expect With Laser Hair Removal Your First Time at SEV Laser.

So it’s just you and your new laser nurse in the chic Sev Laser room. It’s ok to be nervous, because you’re not sure what to expect with laser hair removal, and you’re baring all your goods in front of a stranger. Just know she is a trained medical professional that sees fabulous people like yourself in their bare essentials ALL DAY! So welcome to the club, sit back and relax.

She will explain critical laser hair removal information about the laser itself, what you’ll feel, what you shouldn’t feel, treatment process, time frame, your expected results, and your post-treatment instructions. So just like your eyelash girl, your nail lady, and your barista that makes your latte just as skinny as you need it–she’s your go-to girl and a true resource on what to expect with laser hair removal. So ask questions and basque in the HAIR FREE experience that is Sev Laser Aesthetics.