Preparing for Laser Hair Removal? Let SEV Laser Fill You In On the Details With Our Guide to “Best Laser Hair Removal!”


So your very intelligent and hair free friend has been raving about her results from laser hair removal. She finally persuades you to make an appointment at the Award Winning Sev Laser Aesthetics. Now what? Don’t worry, we have your push to start laser guide so that you’re prepped, informed and ready for your HAIR FREE experience.


PUSH TO START Laser Guide, Preparing For Laser Hair Removal

Make your appointment.


STAY OUT OF THE SUN for 2-4 weeks prior to your appointment.


Waxing, sugaring, electrolysis… You’re done with that… No Mas.


As you’re preparing for laser hair removal, FaceTime or Skype with the MD, Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. Yes, we have options. Yes, this has to be done in order to medically clear you for your treatment. Laser hair removal is a medical procedure and your safety is our first priority.


Online paperwork… We all love that! LOL kidding… but it’s one and done and it gets you closer to that hair free body you’ve been wanting.


And the final step in our laser guide: Appointment TIME!!


Relax in the waiting room, grab a snack or water and your Nurse will come grab your gorgeous self and take you into the treatment room. Yes, a Registered Nurse.


It’s Hair Free time, so get comfy and your Nurse will take it from here.


Nurse Erica