Reasons to have a Hair Free Day

Why have a hair free day? Well here’s why:

  1. Your big European vacation is coming up, and having to shave in between island-hopping in Almalfi won’t fit in your itinerary.
  2. You have so many other first world problems to worry about — like why Zara zippers are THE worst, how you’re going to get a press pass for New York Fashion Week, and most importantly, why Starbucks charges extra for almond and coconut milk when 95% of people are vegan-ISH and lactose intolerant.
  3. You believe hair should only be on your brows, your lashes, and your head … and that’s all. (Amanda Priestly voice.)
  4. Your philosophy is the smoother, the better.
  5. Your legs and a cactus shouldn’t be the same texture.