Do you hold a lot of tension in your shoulders or (to be more accurate) your trap muscles? If so, there’s a new Botox treatment that could change your life: Traptox.

By relaxing the trapezius muscles, this trending Botox approach melts away tension and creates the look of slimmer shoulders. You may also see it referred to as trap tox, Barbie Botox, or trapezius Botox. 

But what exactly is traptox? In this post, we’ll explain what you can expect from this transformative treatment.



What Is Traptox? 

Traptox is a treatment that involves the targeted relaxation of the trapezius muscle with an injectable neurotoxin. It’s most commonly carried out with Botox, but it can also be done with other types of tox, like Xeomin or Dysport.

These neurotoxin-based therapies help prevent muscles from tightening up. They’re most known for fading expression wrinkles and creating a more relaxed look. 

The traps are the triangle-shaped muscles that extend from the base of the neck to the shoulders to mid-back. We have two trapezius muscles, one on each side of the spine. 

By forcing the trapezius muscles to relax, traptox reduces any muscle contractions. This helps prevent tightness, including the tension that causes you to raise your traps involuntarily. From a therapeutic perspective, it can help reduce head, shoulder, and back pain. Aesthetically, it can help reduce any bulkiness or the appearance of hunching, and give your neck a slimmer, more elongated look. 


Benefits of Traptox 

Why would anyone want to get traptox? This unique Botox treatment offers a few main benefits: 

  • Reduce tension in your neck and shoulder, potentially also alleviating pain including headaches. 
  • Create a slimmer taper from the neck to the shoulders, and the appearance of a longer neck. 
  • Improve your posture by no longer excessively activating your traps. 
  • Very good level of efficacy based on robust science. 
  • Extremely safe when carried out by a certified medical professional. 


Traptox Before and After 

As with any medical aesthetic treatment, it’s important you know what you can expect before and after traptox. 


Before getting traptox, your provider will ask you to review and sign a consent form to ensure your safety. Review the contraindications carefully, since you may need to avoid certain medications and supplements leading up to your treatment. 

Your provider will schedule a consultation to go over your needs, discuss your desired results, and give you recommendations for the number of traptox units you’ll need. 

On the day of your appointment, arrive well-hydrated. Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption, and avoid any medication

Your nurse will clean the treatment area first and mark the injection sites. If you’re nervous about pain, arrive 30 minutes early and request a numbing cream. The entire process takes only 15-30 minutes! 


Once you’re done, your nurse will explain any Botox aftercare you may need to follow. You’ll want to take it easy and avoid any intense activities. Aside from that, you can resume your day-to-day activities. 

The effects of traptox won’t be visible immediately. You’ll start to notice your trap muscles becoming more relaxed within a few days of treatment, until you reach maximum results within 10 to 15 days, depending on the type of toxin used. 


Is Traptox Safe?

As with any tox treatment, it’s important to choose a qualified and experienced provider to ensure your safety. As long as all of the necessary precautions are taken, traptox can be very safe, with a low risk of adverse events. 

There are some common side effects, such as mild soreness in the injection site. In rare cases, studies report temporary neck weakness, which usually resolves on its own within a few weeks of treatment. 

Choosing an inexperienced treatment provider can increase your risk of adverse events. Make sure your nurse injector isn’t just trained in Cosmetic Botox but has experience with trap tox, specifically. 

Consult with your doctor or physiotherapist if you have any pre-existing concerns or musculoskeletal issues. 


How Many Units Are Used for Traptox?

The number of units needed for traptox varies from patient to patient, but the most common range is 50 to 100 units per treatment. The trapezius muscles are quite large and strong, so relaxing them effectively requires more neurotoxin compared to other tox treatments. 

During your treatment, your nurse will inject between 25 and 50 units of tox to each side, based on your musculature and treatment goals. Your nurse injector will give you a more specific estimate of how many units you’ll need based on your consultation. 


How Much Does Traptox Cost?

The cost of traptox can fluctuate widely. Neurotoxin treatments vary in price depending on the number of units used, and the prices are also very different from med spa to med spa. On average, traptox treatments usually cost between $2000 and $4000 depending on the size of the muscle and the type of results you’re hoping to achieve. You can review our pricing page to see our cost per unit for tox at SEV. When you book your appointment, we will always price out your treatment and confirm it with you as part of your consultation. 


Book Your Traptox at SEV 

Traptox is a worthwhile solution, whether you want to eliminate strain from your shoulders and traps or to achieve an elegant, Barbie-esque shoulder slope. 

With a simple, short appointment, you can significantly improve your life and feel more confident in how you look. If you’re curious to learn more, schedule your consultation at SEV and let the tension finally melt away.