What are the benefits of laser hair removal? Honey, we can go on for hours! 
In our humble opinion, laser hair removal is the best method for getting rid of hair. It wins out against just about every other method of hair removal. It’s effective, convenient, and contrary to popular belief, it can be kinder to your budget than any other hair removal method. 

Keep reading to find out about the main laser hair removal benefits in even more detail! 

Laser Hair is a Long-Term Solution

When you shave, the hair returns within a few days. Waxing buys you an entire week – maybe two if you’re lucky. We’re not about that life. 
Laser hair removal gets rid of your hair for the long term. After one session, you’ll already notice less hair growth. Then, after multiple sessions, the hair stops growing back altogether. If a hair does rear its head again, a quick and easy touch-up will eliminate it. You won’t have to deal with shaving or waxing ever again! 

Laser Hair Removal Saves You Money

Since laser removal provides long-lasting results, it saves you a lifetime’s spending on razors and waxing appointments. There is an initial cost, of course, since most beauties require 6-12 sessions for the results to stick. Once you finish your series of laser treatments, you won’t need to spend on more than the occasional touch-up over the coming years. If you usually opt for waxing, it’s a real no-brainer. Individual laser hair removal treatments only cost a little more than the average waxing session. 

Laser Removal Leaves Your Skin Softer

One of our favorite benefits of laser hair removal is just how soft and smooth it leaves your skin. Laser targets the hair right from the root. This guarantees that there won’t be any rough stubble to take away from the smoothness of your skin. It’s also less likely to lead to bumps when compared to waxing, so all-in-all, it’s the best path to ultimate smoothness. 

Laser is Targeted and Controlled

With certain parts of our body, precision matters. If you’re hoping to remove unwanted hair from your bikini line or back of the neck, precision is a chief concern. 
Laser allows us to remove hair quickly but only from the areas we target. It’s precise down to the centimeter, which provides the perfect balance of fast and exact. There is still room for error, but this is where the expertise of our laser technicians comes into play. The staff at every SEV Laser location know exactly what they’re doing. 

Laser Hair Removal is Quick

Laser isn’t the only game in town when it comes to long-lasting hair removal, but it’s definitely the fastest. Electrolysis, which is the only method that rivals laser when it comes to longevity, takes a lot longer per treatment. With a laser, we can eliminate multiple hairs at once, while electrolysis is painstakingly slow. Only one follicle can be targeted at a time, and the pain is real.  
What does this mean in practice? With laser, you can get in and out of the spa during your lunchtime, whereas electrolysis can take hours.  


Laser Doesn’t Need a Grow-Out Phase

With most salon hair removal services (especially waxing and electrolysis), you have to let the hair grow out before each appointment. That’s pretty self-defeating, we think! You shouldn’t have to endure hairy legs in summer or a dark upper lip any time of the year, even if it’s in order to get rid of the hair later on. Thankfully, not only are you allowed to shave in-between laser hair removal sessions… you should shave! 

When you shave, the laser has an easier time reaching the base of your hair. This means you can keep your skin smooth and hairless in between appointments, and you won’t need to worry about embarrassing growth. 

Laser Hair Removal Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Last but certainly not least, the final benefit of laser is that you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs and bumps. The reason other hair removal methods like shaving or epilating lead to ingrown hairs is pretty simple. As the hair grows back, it sometimes folds in on itself or gets blocked by dead skin cells. Instead of popping out, it creates an unseemly bump that’s painful to extract. Ouch! Laser prevents regrowth altogether, so as its results take hold over time bumps and ingrowns stop being an issue. 

How to Choose the Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic?

With so many laser hair removal benefits, it’s hard to argue against this service. It’s convenient, affordable, and addresses quite a few issues that crop up with other hair removal methods. So how to choose the best laser hair removal clinic? It’s simple! Look for clinics headed by medical professionals who can ensure your health and wellbeing, like Dr. Ehsan Ali at SEV Laser. 
A great salon will have state-of-the-art equipment, with technologies that can suit all skin types and tones. That’s why we use both Nd:YAG and alexandrite lasers – to guarantee that every client achieves the results they want. 
Finally, when you walk in, trust your senses! At SEV Laser, you’ll immediately feel like you’re at a luxurious spa where professionalism, hygiene, and comfort are a top priority.  
If you’re intrigued, why not give it a try? Book your appointment today!