Underarms Laser Hair Removal

Underarm laser hair removal is the answer to your prayers. Shaving your underarms is often a gamble because you can’t always see the area. Worse, the curvy contours of your underarms make it all too easy to nick yourself with the razor. Painful ingrown hairs are also an all-too-common issue. Waxing is a possibility, but it’s an uncomfortable and inconvenient one. You can’t do it yourself without effort, and there’s always the chance of messing up the application. Why not consider underarm laser removal instead? It’s fast, effortless, and painless. Let Sev Laser teach you about the process.

Underarms Laser Hair Removal Guide

The underarm laser hair removal process begins with in a reclining position with your arm raised above your head. The laser Technician will then draw a circle around the skin that requires hair removal.

Next comes the prep, during which time you can continue to relax. Some people describe a faint tingling sensation, while others may feel a slight tickle.

Once the spot is fully prepped, the underarm laser treatment begins. The Technician quickly and efficiently runs the laser over the underarm area. This serves to kill the hair follicles at the root.

After the application, take care by avoiding exposing your underarms to the sun. Don’t wear sleeveless or strapless tops for at least a week. It will take more than one treatment to eliminate the hair.

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