Miami is a city of sunshine and beaches, where you need to be ready to don a swimsuit at a moment’s notice. In the bustling financial center you’ll find SEV Laser, a medspa specialized in the best laser hair removal Miami can offer, along with a few other elite treatments. Learn more about what makes SEV a little different.  


Why Choose SEV in Miami?

 There are hundreds of laser hair removal joints all over Miami – so why should you choose SEV? Because we try to do things a little differently. We combine an upscale California vibe with affordable pricing, to offer the best laser hair removal in Miami to all who want it. These are the factors that make SEV a stand-out. 


Exceptional Care

Our clients in Miami rave about the warmth and care they experience the moment they walk through our salon doors. At SEV, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that makes our customers smile and puts them at ease. 

Laser hair removal is not inherently the most pleasant beauty treatment, but thanks to our compassionate staff and boutique approach, we’ve transformed it into an experience you’ll always look forward to.


Cutting Edge Equipment

At SEV, we’ve curated a range of elite beauty services that provide real results. We only use the most advanced technologies for each service. Our laser hair removal equipment includes both Nd:YAG and Alexandrite, to permanently reduce hair growth quickly and efficiently no matter your skin tone. 

Our clients often see results within the first few treatments, with 6 to 12 treatments to total satisfaction. To keep the experience pleasant, our machines are also equipped with a cool shot that soothes the skin after every pulse of light. 


Reasonable Pricing

As part of our mission to help as many people as possible feel confident and beautiful in their own skin, we’ve kept our pricing accessible. Despite our affordable rates, each SEV salon is designed with luxury in mind while each customer is treated like a VIP. 


Other SEV Medspa Services in Miami

We’d love to help you achieve your beauty goals with any of our elite medspa services. In addition to laser hair removal, we also offer the following treatments. 


From dermal fillers and Botox to dissolver and Kybella, our injectable treatments will smooth out your skin, address signs of aging, add volume where it’s needed, and help you refine the shape of your face. All of our injectable treatments are carried out by registered nurses with specialized aesthetic training, to guarantee flawless results every time.

Laser Skin Tightening

Ready for your tone-up? Laser skin tightening is a gentle yet effective treatment that regenerates collagen production deep within the skin. It helps the skin naturally restore itself to reduce plump up wrinkles and reduce sagging. It can be done on the face or body, helping you achieve a more contoured look with zero pain or downtime. 

Potenza RF Microneedling

Potenza is the latest addition to our service portfolio. This powerful skin remodeling treatment combines microneedling with radiofrequency, to penetrate and stimulate repair deeply and dramatically. This hybrid technology transforms the skin dramatically, helping to significantly reduce wrinkles and texture while giving the skin an incredible lift. It’s a great option for both face and body, with long-lasting results after a series of treatments. 


Visit Your Nearest SEV

We can’t wait to treat you to the best laser hair removal in Miami, or any other beauty service you’ve had in mind. SEV originated in California, so we’re loving the sunny Florida vibe! 

These days, we have nearly 30 locations all across the US, but we’re still growing. On the East Coast, you can also visit us in Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia. No matter where you are, you can use our booking portal to schedule your transformative SEV experience.