You’ve been wondering…and the answer is yes! Men get laser hair removal, too. Don’t make the mistake of missing out on hair removal for men at SEV. The process isn’t just for women, and we’ve created this video so you can see just what male hair removal at SEV is like. Men can suffer from painful ingrown hair and irritated skin due to shaving, as well.
Waxing isn’t always an option on sensitive areas of the face and neck, and even when it is, it’s painful. Sugaring can be somewhat easier, but it’s still a short-term solution. A laser is swift and more effective. Even better, it’s precise, allowing you to target specific areas while leaving others.


Laser Hair Removal : Step-by-Step

As you can see, laser hair removal for men can effortlessly pinpoint any part of the face and neck. You can eliminate a patchy beard with hair removal, get rid of random tufts of hair, or shape your facial hair so that you no longer have to shave your entire face. You might want to focus on a spot where you often get ingrown hair, and our nurses/technicians are there to answer questions, learn about your specific needs, and deliver results.
You don’t have to worry about messing with the facial hair you want to keep, though. Our nurses/technicians are skilled at male hair removal. They can keep your mustache, goatee, or sideburns safe from the pulse.
It’s essential to stay out of the sun for two weeks after the hair removal process, so don’t leave the house without a hat. Slather on the sunblock, too. In two weeks, your skin will push out the dead hair follicles created by the laser treatment.

Watch our video, visit SEV Laser, and ask about laser hair removal for men.