Why have a hair-free day? There are lots of very serious benefits to laser hair removal. 
But what about the fun stuff? Here are some of the more playful reasons why going hair-free with laser hair removal is so much better. 

#1 Get Ready for Vacay

Your big European vacation is coming up, and having to shave in between island-hopping in Amalfi won’t fit in your itinerary. With laser hair removal, life is just that much more low-maintenance, and isn’t that exactly what you want when you’re on vacation? 



#2 99 First-World Problems (But a Hair Ain’t One) 

You have so many other first-world problems to worry about — like, why are Zara zippers simply THE worst? How are you going to get a press pass for New York Fashion Week? And most importantly, why does Starbucks charge extra for almond and coconut milk when 95% of people are vegan-ISH and lactose intolerant? Augh. So yeah, let shaving and waxing not be one of those problems anymore. 

#3 When You Want Bare to Really Mean Bare

Some women believe hair should only be on their brows, their lashes, and their head … and that’s all. That way, when you take it all off, you really do get to be totally bare. After all, isn’t the smoother the better? That said, if you want to keep that landing strip, we think that’s just as legit!

#4 No More Scratchy Stubble 

When it comes to shaving, the issue isn’t necessarily how your legs look after. It’s how they feel. It doesn’t take long for stubble to start to grow. Even if you can’t see it, you can feel it. Do you really want your legs to have the same texture as a cactus? Ouchies. Didn’t think so. 

Have a Hair-Free Day With SEV 

If these reasons to have a hair-free day resonate with you, you’re definitely a member of our tribe. So come and have some fun with us at SEV Laser by booking your appointment for laser hair removal. It’s the fastest and most convenient permanent hair reduction method, so you’ll have nothing but hair-free days in no time