Are you ready to learn all about getting Botox for hooded eyes? 

Botox is our secret weapon for eliminating wrinkles, but there’s so much more it can do! In the hands of an expert, it can enhance the lips, control excessive sweating, and give your brows a lift. If you’re a beauty with hooded eyes, you definitely need it on your radar! 

You may have heard that Botox can make the eyelids droop, which is very concerning when you feel like your crease is already a little heavy. There’s some truth to that, so in this post, we’ll explain exactly what you need to know about Botox for hooded eyes, so you can make sure it gives your eyes a lift rather than make things worse. 


What Are Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes refers to an eye shape where the area below the brow hangs downwards, obscuring the crease of the eye. Sometimes, the overhanging skin can also cover the lid and top of the lash line. 

Hooded eyes can be something you’re born with or they can develop with age. If you’ve always had hooded eyes, they’re simply a result of your underlying bone and muscle structure. As we get older, nearly everyone’s eyelids begin to sag due to loss of collagen and elastin, which causes hooded eyes.


Can Botox Help Lift Hooded Eyes?

Yes! In the hands of the right practitioner, Botox can help lift hooded eyes. In the medical aesthetics world, we like to call this a “Botox brow lift.” It’s effective regardless of the reason for your hooded eyes. As a bonus, it also helps to reduce forehead wrinkles.  

The way a Botox brow lift works is actually quite complex. By relaxing one part of the muscle with Botox, we actually cause the other part to contract. We have to inject the Botox into the correct part of the forehead muscles, to make sure they lift the brow and reduce the hoodedness. 

Doing this correctly is a delicate science. We also have to take into account the shape of your brow and the strength of your muscles. If the Botox is injected too low, the opposite can happen – the brows can actually end up drooping lower! 

Please keep in mind that not all hooded eyes are candidates for Botox. Your provider will conduct an assessment and they may suggest other treatments like RF microneedling, especially if your eyes will benefit from a skin-firming effect.

Other Treatments for Lifting Hooded Eyes

Botox isn’t the only non-surgical treatment that’s often recommended for hooded eyes, but it’s definitely one of the best. Here’s what you should know about your other options, including a couple of frequently recommended ones you should actually avoid.  


RF Microneedling 

If your eyes are hooded because of loss of tone around the eyes, radiofrequency microneedling like Morpheus8 can be a game changer. This advanced hybrid treatment stimulates the production of new collagen to dramatically lift and firm the skin. The technology we utilize at SEV is safe around the eyes, so it’s a fantastic method for creating a long-term firming effect. 


Brow Filler

Some sources recommend addressing hooded eyes with dermal fillers, but it’s actually quite dangerous. The area near the brows is highly vascular so even experienced providers can accidentally inject a blood vessel, leading to serious skin damage. At SEV, we don’t offer fillers in that part of the face. Plus, adding more volume above the brows doesn’t usually look great and rarely works well as a solution to hooded eyes. 


Eyebrow Thread Lift

In recent years, eyebrow thread lifts have become very popular. It’s a procedure where a doctor inserts dissolvable threads under the skin, to actively pull it upwards. 

It’s considered a less invasive alternative to a facelift, but it does have some serious issues, which is why we don’t offer it at SEV. The cost of the procedure is quite high, recovery can be very painful, and many patients find that the results aren’t visible enough and don’t last for as long as they hoped. Botox, while not very long-lasting, is much more affordable and significantly less painful.  


Get Lifted at SEV 

If you decide to get Botox for hooded eyes, you need to know you’re in the right hands. An inexperienced injector can inadvertently cause your eyelids to sag, making your eyes seem even more hooded. 

At SEV, our nurse injectors are Botox experts. During your appointment, we’ll always take the time to conduct a thorough consultation and to make sure you’re actually a good candidate for a Botox brow lift. If we think you might get better results with a different treatment or combination of treatments, rest assured we’ll let you know! 

If you’d like to address your hooded eyes with Botox, get in touch with us and book your appointment at your nearest SEV.