Laser hair removal is more accessible today than it’s ever been before, especially with so many SEV med spas across the country offering high-level, budget-friendly treatments. 

Despite that, myths about laser hair removal are common, and many people miss out on long-lasting smoothness because they don’t know the real facts. In this post, we’ll debunk the most common laser hair removal myths so you know what you’re in for with this incredible treatment. 

Known myths about laser hair removal 

  • Myth 1: Doesn’t Work on Certain Skin Tones

Fact: Laser hair removal is for everyone! The myth that laser won’t work on certain tones comes from how it works. During treatment, the light from the laser is absorbed by the hair bulb’s pigment, which is how it inhibits new growth. 

Early lasers only had shallow wavelengths that only worked when there was contrast between the skin and the hair. Nowadays, there are different types of laser machines with different wavelengths and settings, so treatments can be customized for everyone, regardless of skin tone.  

  • Myth 2: Is Painful

Fact: We wouldn’t go so far as to say that laser hair removal isn’t painful at all, but it hurts less than people expect. Usually, we compare the pain to a small sting. At SEV, many of our clients find that they don’t feel any pain during treatments, since our machines are equipped with cooling features. 

  • Myth 3: Has Bad Side Effects

Fact: Laser hair removal’s side effects are usually very minor and quick to fade! The most common side effect is a little redness. The irritation usually dissipates within hours, and it doesn’t even impact everyone. 

That said, adverse events like burning, blistering, and scarring may occur if the treatment isn’t carried out safely. To stay safe, choose your med spa carefully and review its customer care advice to make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment. 

  • Myth 4: Hurts and Damages the Skin

Fact: The laser’s wavelengths target the hair follicle directly, so laser hair removal doesn’t damage the skin. When carried out by an experienced professional, there’s no direct damage or lasting side effects. That said, undergoing laser hair removal without proper precautions can lead to skin damage. 

  • Myth 5: Your Hair Grows Back After Laser Hair Removal

Fact: This isn’t a complete myth – some hair may grow back after laser hair removal, especially during periods of hormonal fluctuation. To achieve permanent hair reduction results, we always recommend getting occasional maintenance treatments yearly or as needed. 

  • Myth 6: Provides Immediate Results

Fact: You’ll normally start seeing results one two weeks after your first treatment, but it’s a gradual process. After several sessions, you can expect more noticeable hair reduction. The precise number of treatments will vary from person to person based on a variety of factors including the body part being treated. 

  • Myth 7: Takes a Long Time

Fact: Laser’s results may not show up right away, but the good news is that the appointments themselves are incredibly quick. Unlike electrolysis which can take hours, the average laser hair removal appointment for a medium body part takes no longer than 15 minutes. 

  • Myth 8: It’s Expensive

Fact: Do you have your calculator on hand? While temporary hair removal methods like waxing and shaving might cost less in the short term, laser offers a lasting solution. It can seem like an expense at the outset, but it can save you a lot of money in the long-term… and time! Especially when you choose a med spa with reasonable prices like SEV. 

  • Myth 9: Doesn’t Work on Dark Skin

Fact: While older lasers were unsafe for those with dark skin, modern equipment is safe and effective. If you have a deeper skin tone, look for med spas and clinics that use Nd:YAG lasers. This laser’s 1064 nm wavelength penetrates more deeply, bypassing the layers of the skin where melanin is deposited. 

  • Myth 10: It’s Only for Women

Fact: Laser works for everyone, regardless of gender! Especially at SEV, we’re seeing more men come in for laser hair removal, especially for the back, neck, beard outline, chest, and more.  

  • Myth 11: You Can’t Get Laser Treatments During the Summer

Fact: You can get laser hair removal any time of the year, regardless of the season! It’s generally best to start your treatments in the fall or winter because there’s less sun exposure (and so you can be hair-free for summer), but it’s not mandatory. As long as you’re careful to avoid sun exposure and follow our pre- and post-appointment care guides, you can come in for laser hair removal during summer months without any issues. 

Facts Over Myths at SEV Laser

Laser hair removal is much safer, more affordable, and more inclusive than many people realize. A big part of that comes down to the salon, though. It’s imperative that you only visit medically accredited med spas with specialized providers. You can’t go wrong by booking an appointment at your nearest SEV, where our amazing registered nurses and laser technicians will deliver the results you want.