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Approved Underarm Products

Using approved underarm products after SEV Laser Hair Removal : So congratulations on your #hairfree underarms! No more trying to remember if you shaved before you raise your arms at a club on Sunset. No more being self-conscious when you reach for something on a high shelf at the grocery store and a cute guy is looking. Don’t worry, you’re good! So now that you’ve reached #hairfree perfection, how do you make your underarm skin smooth, clean and clear from hyper pigmentation? First, you need to switch to natural deodorant and here’s why…


  1. Less chemicals = less build up and less clogged pores.
  2. Antiperspirants don’t allow you to sweat, thus decreasing toxin release..We all need to release those toxins.
  3. Your body absorbs everything you put on it and in it.. SO the aluminum and the propane in your secret and dove clinical strength is being absorbed by your liver. (Next LEVEL)

The SEV Laser guide is here, see approved underarm products below…

  1. Agent Nateur | Original & Shiva Rose | $ 24-26
  2. Aesop | Herbal | $ 35
  3. Fig and Yarrow | Underarm Lotion | $ 22
  4. Rock Crystal | $ 5
  5. Schmidts | Rose + Vanilla | $ 10
  6. Freedom | Bergamont & Mint | & 16

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