Laser hair removal has become incredibly popular in recent years because it’s simply the best hair removal method. While we can do it on nearly every inch of the human body, it’s undeniable that there are some body parts we treat more frequently than others. 

If you’re curious about the most common body areas for laser hair removal, this post is for you!

Most Popular Laser Hair Removal Body Areas 

During our many years of treating customers all over the United States, these have been our best sellers, or the body parts our customers most want to get hair-free.



#1: Full Bikini (Brazilian) and Bikini Line 

Many of our customers want to be totally smooth down there, so Brazilian laser hair removal is our number one most popular treatment! This service eliminates all of the hair that grows in the pubic area, making it easy to feel confident when baring it all (especially during intimate moments). 

Because this sensitive region is also prone to ingrown hairs, laser hair removal is an attractive hair removal option that guarantees all of the smoothness without the pain or hassle of shaving and waxing. 

Some of our customers choose to only treat the bikini line, which is the little area where the legs meet the pubic area. It’s a quicker treatment, and it guarantees you’ll never have to think twice before pulling on a bikini. 

Deciding between bikini vs Brazilian laser hair removal ultimately comes down to personal preference, but most of our customers choose the full treatment. 

#2: Underarms

Want to raise your arms with confidence? In the second spot, our next most popular treatment is underarm laser hair removal. 

The area under the arms is visible in a lot of outfits, so it’s not a surprise that it’s a common target area for hair removal. For many, shaving the armpits on a daily basis can be a hassle, and waxing is incredibly painful. 

Thankfully, the underarms respond to laser treatments well, and the results tend to be long-lasting. Since the underarms are not a huge surface area, the appointments are fast and affordable (especially here at SEV), so many of our clients add it on when treating other areas.

#3: Face

At the #3 spot are facial laser hair removal treatments! Facial laser hair removal is very safe, and because of the laser’s precision, it’s also versatile. Some of our customers choose to laser on small areas like the chin or upper lip while others come in for full facial laser. 

That said, facial hair is often extra sensitive to hormonal fluctuations, so there might be a greater need for touch-up appointments. 


#4: Legs

The legs tend to grow visible and coarse hair, so it’s no surprise that laser hair removal treatments for the legs are incredibly popular. Our customers are almost equally split between those who want their full legs treated (i.e., from ankle to thigh) and those who only want half-legs (i.e., from the knees downwards). 

Like the underarms, results for laser hair removal on the legs are very long-lasting despite the relatively large treatment area. It’s especially popular for people who are prone to ingrown hair since laser hair removal is an effective preventative treatment. 

#5: Full Body 

Finally, we’ve got the Full Monty. Many of our customers want to be totally smooth from head to toe, and that’s when a full-body treatment makes the most sense. The appointments might be a little longer than average but combining it all together offers excellent value and it saves you a lot of effort in the long term! 

Laser Hair Removal for Every Body Part

The most common body areas for laser hair removal treatments might be the full bikini area, underarms, face, and legs, but unwanted hair can grow just about anywhere on the body. At SEV, we find ourselves treating every body part! 

Compared to other hair removal methods, laser is also much more convenient and comfortable. Appointments are fast and not too painful, and unlike electrolysis, you can shave in between until you reach total smoothness. 

We strongly believe that everyone deserves to feel amazing in their body, which is why we offer our services at accessible prices, using advanced technology that works on all skin types. If you’d like to try laser hair removal for yourself, go ahead and book an appointment at your nearest SEV – all bodies and parts are welcome!